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Jamaican Consulate General(305) 374-8431
The primary mission of the Jamaican Consulate General is the promotion and protection of the interest and welfare of Jamaicans visiting and residing in the Southern US. The Consulate supplies consular services and guidance to persons seeking to visit the island of Jamaica for scholarly, charitable or vacation-related purposes. In this regard, we remain dedicated to providing courteous and efficient solution to all our clients and are honored to have the possibility to facilitate you.www.jamaicacgmiami.org
25 Southeast Second Avenue # 850, Miami FL, 33131
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Consulate General-Netherlands(786) 866-0480
The web sites for the Netherlands Embassy and its Consulates General are founded to serve Dutch, US, and other citizens and to supply information about the Netherlands, its people, society, economy, government, policies and institutions. Do you have a general question or do you have a specific question about doing business in the Netherlands? Are you a Dutch person looking for business information about the US or Canada? Are you looking for a specific product or firm in either country? If you stillwww.cgchicago.org
701 Brickell Avenue, Miami FL, 33131
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Consulate General Of Trinidad - Embassy in Miami(305) 374-2199
In concert with Government's ambition to transform Trinidad and Tobago into a developed country by the year 2020, expansion of the Information Technology capabilities and infrastructure of the Consulate is developing rapidly. The start of this website is testimony to the Consulate's continuing effort at outreach to our nationals and indeed, the wider community. The site supplies a lot of information about Trinidad and Tobago and the operations of the Consulate as well as links to other appropriatewww.ttcgnewyork.com
1000 Brickell Avenue # 800, Miami FL, 33131
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Consulate General - Consulate in Miami(305) 265-4655
Welcome to The Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname Website. Here you can find general information for visa application, needs, and passport. you may download a copy of required form for completion and submission. The Republic of Suriname is located at the continent of South America just North of the Equator. The country is bordered in the South by the Federal Republic of Brazil, in the North by the Atlantic Ocean, in the East by the French Overseas Department of French Guyana and in thescgmia.com
6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami FL
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Consulate General Of Israel(305) 358-8111
Please be advised that the US and Israel are signatories to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, abolishing the requirement of consular legalization for foreign public documents. Quite often, American citizens and business persons require that certain documents be legalized so that they can be accepted in Israel. The procedures to be followed depend on the nature of the documents and are similar to the needs of all other governments throughout the world.israelconsulate.us
330 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami FL, 33132
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Consulate General Of St Lucia(305) 523-6381
The Consulate General of Saint Lucia, situated in Miami Florida, was esta-blished in December 1999 to evolve economic, commercial, scientific and cultural relations between Saint Lucia and the states of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia. The Consulate is responsible for safeguarding the interests of Saint Lucians resident in, or travelling within these States. The Saint Lucia Consulate in Miami pursues opportunities that directly andwww.stluciacg.com
1101 Brickell Avenue #1602, Miami FL
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