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We are a Miami, FL based Music Production Company & Recording Studio specializing in music production, custom beats, instrumentals, mixing, recording studio time, audio engineering, vocal production, songwriting, arranging, and much more. Our recording studio provides a comfortable and professional environment that caters to all of our client's needs. We service the whole South Florida area but also work with clients from all over the world. Visit our website to book studio time, listen to music, buy beats, mixing services, and much more!
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Sound quality is something we take great pride in. Our goal is to record great sounding material while still remaining affordable for our clients! We offer a professional recording experience in a private gated facility in Southwest Miami-Dade County, FL. Our studio is based around a state of the art Protools10 recording console and our control room/recording booth is acoustically treated for quality and accuracy.
Mixing Services

Mixing is an essential part of all recorded music that gives your song and all its elements the best presentation possible. At TracKings LLC. we take pride in giving your song this presentation and helping you to get your message across. Contact us to hear before and after examples of songs we have mixed.


We offer two types of mixing services which are as follows:


Promo / Mixtape Mix:
This is your ideal choice for promos, mixtapes, demos, and more. We mix vocals to blend them over an instrumental that has already been mixed. Up to 3 revisions can be made at your request at no additional charge. Additional revisions are billed at the regular studio hourly rate.  
Commercial / Album Mix:
TracKings LLC. is the ideal choice for commercial albums and other projects. We offer the highest quality and we mix all tracks provided, including the separate instrumental tracks. This is a more in depth process that allows for greater clarity, quality, and arrangement to your final mix. You won't be dissappointed, each song will be revised until you are satisfied.
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