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One Two Tree(305) 267-1426
  One Two Tree’s professional experts have been providing guaranteed services for nearly 30 years, keeping Dade County residents, families and pets safe and pest-free. Ask us about our Green services!
7250 SW 42 Terrace, Miami FL, 33155
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Krypton Pest Control - Pest Control in Miami(305) 552-6777
Krypton Once-A-Year Pest Control service will safeguard your home and family from the threat of crawling pests - ants, roaches, spiders and silverfish - for up to one full year. And if the bugs return anytime during the year, so will Krypton at no additional cost to you! Krypton Once-A-Year Pest Control is the most efficient, reliable and convenient pest control service available. Our unique 7-step treatment includes putting carefully formulated, dry, attractive bait in out-of-the way places -
2301 Southwest 100th Avenue, Miami FL
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Allied Pest Management - Pest Control Company in Miami(305) 234-6574
Allied Pest Management offers pest control services for homes and businesses throughout all of Miami-Dade and Broward County. Our business has been running for over 8 years now as Allied Pest Management. We do have extensive experience, however, beyond those years. In this S Florida area, we currently have established a growing reputation and following through quick response to your requirements, highly professional work, and a drive to have every client pleased with the work performed. We do
13313 Southwest 124th Street, Miami FL, 33186
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Guarantee Floridian Pest Cntrl - Termite Pest Control Services in Miami(305) 238-7447
Guarantee-Floridian is one of the biggest and oldest privately owned pest control firms in Dade and Broward Counties. Our years of knowledge are matched with the latest materials and most up to date pest control techniques. Most people are unaware of the risk that Pest Birds pose to their health and well being. Nuisance species can transmit infectious illnesses of many kinds. Rodents are prevented from entering your home instead of controlling them after they are already inside. The service is
12540 Southwest 130th St # 1, Miami FL, 33186
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Sunrise Pest Control - Termite Pest Control in Miami(305) 271-0074
Termite Control for Subterranean and Drywood Termites Treatment and Prevention Termites are orderly, tenacious and destructive creatures. Termites pose one of the greatest dangers to the homeowner, which can do more damage than hurricane, fires and earthquake combined. Termites will not go away, they cause billions of dollars in damage every
11332 Southwest 70th Terrace, Miami FL, 33173
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Natural Resources Pest Control - Pest Extermination in Miami(305) 343-7680
Our firm has operated successfully and is still growing strong. You can be assured Natural Resources will provide exceptional service. We provide organic pest control treatments, the finest industry practices, and highly educated technicians. Craig obtained his degree in Pest Control Technology with the vision to begin Natural Resources. He has practiced natural pest control in Miami for over twenty five years. He was the 1st to discover the death's head cockroach in
10756 Northeast Fourth Avenue, Miami FL, 33161
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Western Pest Services - Bugs Extermination in Miami(305) 558-1281
Since 1928, Western Pest Services has been delivering quality pest control solutions for homes and businesses. Our reputation has been built on the shoulders of our professional team. Their commitment to protecting homes and businesses from pests has led to outstanding client satisfaction rates and continued growth for the
Miami FL, 33125
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Orange Pest Control - House Pest Control in Miami(305) 895-6300
We prefer to take an integrated pest management approach, where we not only treat the office or home to prevent insect infestations. We make recom-mendations to our customers to rid their homes of pests, as well as keep them pest-free. Orange Pest Control is the right solution for your pest control problems. We provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly tenting alternative treatment that can prevent and/or exterminate termites from your existing office or home without
Miami FL, 33161
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Florida Environmental - Rodents Extermination in Miami(305) 552-5970
Protect your home from unwanted bugs and rodents with pest control services from Florida Environmental Exterminators in Miami, Florida. We specialize in rodent removal and insect control as well as nuisance wildlife removal. We offer landscaping and fertilizing services to guard your garden from damaging bugs and insects. Protecting your home from pests and rodents now can save you money for repairs and future extermination in the future. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer 24hr
8463 Northwest 70th Street, Miami FL
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Al-Flex Exterminators - Termite Extermination in Miami(305) 552-0141
Since 1978, AL-FLEX has set the standard for high-quality customized drywood and subterranean termite control, pre-construction soil treatments and quarantine commodities fumigation services. Our code of ethics, commitment to excellence and commitment to superior client care makes us your perfect partners. We handle more than fifteen, 000 fumigations each year - more than any other firm in Florida. Our work is family owned, and all our clients have direct access to the
4035 Southwest 98th Avenue, Miami FL
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